Foreign correspondent based in Southeast Asia

I’ve always been inquisitive, entrepreneurial and inclined to travel. Bangkok and Yangon are the cities I live in most frequently and from where I travel the world.

Many people wonder if the younger generations are interested in reading lengthy news articles. I think we are, but we have to communicate in a way befitting this day and age. Luckily there are many tools to help journalists do just that.

To that end, I use the anthropological skills and financial knowledge for creating in-depth stories that tell us something about the state of the world today.

My latest project is Global Ground Media, an online publication covering underreported stories in Asia. Feel free to join me on that journey as a fellow journalist or by reading up on our stories. Also, let me know what topics or situations you would like us to investigate.


  • 2008

    Founded MARK

    Business consulting and co-creation seminars for mainly non-profit organisations untill 2011.

  • 2009

    Graduated in Business Administration

    BSc from Twente University in Business Administration with a minor in Philosophy.

  • 2011

    Reporting the Egyptian Revolution, graduated in Anthropology and guest speaker at Namaa Summer School

    MSc from VU University Amsterdam in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Conducted research on social entrepreneurship during the Revolution. Gave a talk about social entrepreneurship organised by Cairo University and PWC.

  • 2012

    Started working at the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets

    Investigating derivative trade of major banks, fining illegal investment products, and implementing organizational transformation at financial firms.

  • 2015

    Freelance journalist in Berlin

    Started reporting about technology, society and economics at several news outlets.

  • 2017

    Based in Southeast Asia

    Started writing for the Norway-Asia Business Review and Mizzima Weekly about developments in Asia.

  • 2018

    Founded Global Ground Media

    A multimedia publication for in-depth reporting about Asian developments through a global lens (www.globalgroundmedia.com).

  • 2019

    Media Development Consultant & Trainer

    I am a certified Trainer of Trainers consulting mostly in investigative journalism, digital security and sustainability.

Want to know more?


Contact me to collaborate. Also let me know what topics or situations you would like me to investigate.