Born in the Wrong Century?

  • Anrike Visser
  • 04/08/2017
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Some people are born in the wrong century.

Their spirit longs for the era of unexplored continents and light bulbs to be birthed by human hands (I am looking at you, Redmond O’Hanlon).

Not me.

Sure, I would have loved to roam the sea as one of the first explorers, beat Edison to his inventions or be schooled by Einstein. But it is even lovelier to live in this day and age. Every single part of my life would be impossible a century ago, heck, even a decade ago.

Let’s start with the obvious: I am free to travel the planet as a woman (even though we’re not nearly as free or safe as a male traveller).

But also:

  • I book seats on Indian trains online for which I would have had to stand in line for hours just a few years ago;
  • I get e-visas to countries like Myanmar that was closed to foreigners just 5 years ago;
  • I travel safely and hassle-free with Indian Uber (no more driving around for hours just to end up at a cousin’s restaurant on the other side of town which was fun the first time, but not the 30th time. Instead, friendly swift drivers asking for 5-star reviews.)
  • I learned new skills like data analytics and digital photography using YouTube videos;
  • I work remotely for clients in Norway, the Netherlands, and Thailand in a field that has many online possibilities yet to be discovered (journalism);
  • I also work in an industry that didn’t even exist a few years ago (online marketing);
  • And, I get to experiment with online storytelling.

Yes, I was born at exactly the right time and I’m having a blast.

Part of this post was first published on Facebook in April 2017.

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