Over the past 1,5 year, I met so many dedicated (photo-)journalists across Asia and heard so many important but untold stories. I started thinking there had to be a better way to bring these stories to an international public. 

Foreign corresponding has been in a tough spot for a while like many other journalists. But international travel makes foreign desks a high-cost enterprise and the reason why so many newspapers have shut their foreign desks around the world.

That approach might have worked when advertisers were mainly paying the bills, but those days are over. Which is good for readers: you’re back in the driver seat so quality is king again.

With the support of The Civil Media Company we’re trying to bring stories with global ramifications to your virtual doorstep. Stories like climate change, radicalisation and human right abuses.

Global Ground is part of Civil’s First Fleet Newsrooms, the first newsrooms to publish on the blockchain provided by Civil.

Personally, I’m very excited about collaborating with Civil. The blockchain sounds complicated, but it basically means that governments can’t as easily block independent media and take us offline whenever they feel like it.

(In a nutshell, the blockchain saves articles on a lot of computers at the same time. So if someone would want to delete an article because they don’t like the content, it would require deleting it thousands of times instead of just once making it much harder.)

That is why I am excited about working with Civil. Civil also has some nice words to say about us.

“It’s not easy to find reliable, on-the-ground international coverage these days — namely because it’s not easy to fund such coverage.

Newspapers around the world, strapped by ever-tightening margins, have largely shuttered their foreign desks over the past two decades. With a few notable exceptions, regional papers with dedicated foreign correspondents around are largely a thing of the past. There are still publications devoted to producing high-quality foreign affairs coverage, but much of it falls into one of two categories: a) short form, driven by breaking news or b) overly academic in tone, and geared to niche audiences.

Global Ground, the latest Newsroom to launch on Civil, is neither of those things.

Its team of embedded journalists, photographers, illustrators and mappers will provide a unique brand of coverage on local and regional issues in Asia, and do so through a global lens. It will unearth important stories that challenge existing assumptions, via deep-dive, investigative pieces on often-overlooked issues with major global ramifications.” Published by Civil


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Talk soon, Anrike