Observation 24/7

Published by Modern Times / Ny Tid

In the near future, big data developments will allow companies to observe people constantly.

User studies are not novel, but the magnitude to which consumers are tested is new. This testing is about to grow exponentially with the Internet of Things connecting products other than smartphones and notebooks online. One question comes to mind, whether there will be a moment in the future when you are actually observed 24/7.

First of all, our online behaviour is subjected to near constant observation. Split testing of websites is widespread among companies. Bart Schutz, Chief Inspirational Officer at Online Dialogue, states in an episode of VPRO Tegenlicht: “The chance is huge that you are part of an experiment if you go online now. Banks, insurance companies, ecommerce stores; they are all testing.” We participate in many experiments, one after the other, which makes for experiments featuring ‘hundreds of billions of people’, according to Schutz.

Split testing allows marketers to bypass customer surveys, and directly observe purchasing habits. These results are more accurate…

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