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Decentralisation; many of us have heard the term before, and in Berlin it is a buzz word.


New technologies have enabled a do-it-yourself approach to certain services that used to be limited to the government. It is not just public services that are transferring to the common man – the middle man is increasingly being cut out of our lives. DIY is transforming the way we consume, monetise and earn an income.


The first question that comes to mind is: what exactly is decentralisation? According to inventor and thinker Ray Kurzweil in his book The Singularity is Near, decentralisation is “the movement from centralised technologies to distributed ones and from the real world to the virtual world” [sic]. Simply put; with the help of the internet you can now do things for yourself that you were previously unable to. Kurzweil also states that decentralisation will continue to grow because unified services are costly and vulnerable. “Today, we have highly centralised and vulnerable energy plants, and use ships and fuel lines to transport energy. The advent of nano-engineered fuel …


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