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A way to hide your phone against where you are, what you talk about, and being a microphone for those interested?

TOCA, meaning foxhole, is the appropriate name for the phone sleeve designed by Denis Altschul, Luter Filho, and Andre Wakko. The trio design products to protect people from their phone; especially radiation and surveillance. Their latest smartphone sleeves – available for pre-order and shipping soon – boast a range of features that aim to build on the runaway success of their first designs.

Meeting the guys and talking about their product got me thinking about why ordinary people would use such products. What kind of world are we living in, that such a product is even necessary? Because, after talking to the guys, it dawned on me that their phone sleeve is not a product for a selective few. Unfortunately, it isn’t just for those people hiding in the forest somewhere with tinfoil on their heads, or criminals escaping surveillance – it has become a necessity for anyone with a smartphone.

Plants and tin foil. There is not a lot of research on the effects of radiation on…

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